Breaking Through is a source of inspiration and information for young people to help them pursue their dream career. We want young people to be better informed about the career options out there, and for them to have the confidence they need to go and succeed. While we hope a broad range of individuals will benefit from our resources, our target demographic is those from economically disadvantaged and/or ethnic minority backgrounds as we believe that they suffer most from a lack of information, access and visible role models. We aim to empower individuals by providing useful insights and information via our fortnightly podcast and resource hub. Each podcast episode will explore a new profession, asking the questions that many rarely get the chance to ask for themselves, such as 'talk us through your average Tuesday', 'do you need to go to university to do your job?', and 'how much do you get paid?'


We will have succeeded if just a few more people from any and all backgrounds:

  1. Discover and understand a profession that they either a) have not had access to, b) have not taken the time to explore, or c) would otherwise not have heard of because of their upbringing or environment.

  2. Know what is required for them to enter that industry.

  3. See themselves in other people currently in that profession, giving them the confidence they need to put themselves forward.


We feel as though there is a lot of pressure on young people to make the correct career choices yet so many still do not have the tools or access to make informed decisions. Lack of access to people from different professions means that young people do not know what certain professionals do or what it takes to get there, and a lack of confidence means that individuals do not put themselves forward for roles that they are absolutely capable at achieving - with a little hard work of course! Breaking Through Careers would like for people from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to end up in a career that is truly right for them.

About Gillian

I work as an equity research analyst in the financial services industry in the UK. My path into a sub-industry that had previously been an enigma to my 19-year-old self started when I stumbled across a university careers presentation. There I was told by the visiting firm what exactly the graduate role would entail and that there would be a place for someone like me on their early careers scheme. 


My best piece of advice: say YES to seemingly daunting job and life opportunities when you have the time (and you have more of it than you might think). This will enable you to gain exposure to activities that you may never have known you loved or were capable of doing. Plus, along the way it will make you a more well-rounded person, which is attractive to employers.  


and Pier

I work as a civil engineer in Australia. When I was young, I would get into trouble with my mother for digging and building “unnecessary mini cities’’ in her yard, which were complete with roads, buildings, and rivers. As one may say, passion breeds when we are young and in my case, the path to civil engineering had been laid before me at that moment. Through my schooling years I had a great opportunity to attend some of the best schools in the state and participate in mentorship programmes, however, nothing compared to real life industry experiences and exposure.


My best piece of advice: Every one of us has unique abilities; that means that we each have something special to offer to this world which others may not understand. Choose the right career for your abilities, it will make your life and your career much easier.