Careers Service Advice - Career Change

Is it time to change careers or return to the workplace? and Reed have laid out some questions that we think it's worth asking yourself if a career change is something that you're considering.

How to change careers?

OK, so based on the above you have decided that a change is what you need. So now you just have to figure out how. It can feel both exciting and daunting, turn to resources below for guidance.

Interview advice

Thanks to your excellent CV and application, you have secured yourself an interview. Now time to shine in step 2! Details below

Careers Events/ Fairs

Careers/job fairs are events usually organised in large halls where potential employers set up stands and man them with members of the human resources team and new employees. Here, the employers tell those attending about their company and their job application process; the attendee also gets the opportunity to ask anything else they might want to know. The great thing about them is that you get to network with a range of employers at the same time. 

Benefits of attending careers fairs:

  • Gives you the opportunity to hear about current and upcoming job opportunities.

  • It's the chance to get comfortable speaking to employers face to face before the interview stage

  • You get access to expert advice. This includes application tips and tricks and some fairs even offer workshops

  • You get to practice being professional

  • You may learn about companies/ jobs that you would otherwise never have heard of

  • Efficient use of time. A few enjoyable hours at a careers fair could save you hours of trawling through the internet or travelling around the country

  • Free pens! 

Be sure to prepare! Don't worry, Prospects, Target Jobs and All About Careers have got you covered.

Support for those from Ethnic Minority or Low Socioeconomic Backgrounds

Support ranges from workshops to mentor programmes. According to The Equality Group's study, 55% of ethnic minority workers have been advised to be ‘more realistic’ about their career aspirations vs 19% of non-minorities. Well we at Breaking Through Careers are here to show you a new reality. Here you will find real evidence that if you work hard, there is still a path - albeit potentially winding - to career success. Need help? That's what we're here for! Contact us at

Qualifications Explained

SAT, A-lever, BTEC, Higher, HNC, BSc, HND. So...many...acronyms. Find out what, for who and how long below..