Tora - The Speech and Langauge Therapist

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"What I love about the job is how international it is"
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"Communication, that's the strongest most desirable and beneficial trait to have"
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"My job is about finding solutions"
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"My advice to young people always is to take your time"
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Q - Is there anything that you wish you'd known before you started your first job?

A - "You don't need to know it all. I think people put a lot of pressure on themselves, in every field, no matter what they do: you've got to come in day one, hit the ground running and be fantastic. And I think I learned more in my first year working than I ever learned."

Q - What would you say to anybody who's listening to this podcast that might not have the support base network, for example the NHS, and the parents who are so knowledgeable and so supportive about what you're going to do?

A - "There are so many resources out there and that's something I really want people to know: that my story does not represent the only access to speech and language therapy and the job as a whole. People come from all backgrounds and that's what we need, we want to diversify this field. Speech and language therapy is so broad that your experience doesn't need to be in healthcare. If you get experience in a classroom - talk to teachers, talk to individuals in the voluntary sector. Get involved with charities who might work with individuals who have communication needs. For example, a charity working with individuals with autism, or individuals who've had a stroke or progressive neurological conditions, such as motor neurons. It's just about being around people and seeking out that support. In those fields, you meet a lot of great people who I think would become your support network."

Q - What do you like most about your job?

A - "Ah it's great crack (for anyone who's not Irish that's great fun!) I get to play all day, I get to play with kids, I get to laugh with kids. I have played Mr. Potato Head about a million times! But it's good fun, and you make a meaningful difference. I can come home and, not every day, I've saved the world! But I come home and I know a family has thanked me for something I've done to change that child or their life in some way - so it's a privilege."