Further Education

Whether you're wanting to change careers, you're returning to the workplace after a career break, or simply want to up-skill, further education can enhance your career prospects.


Apprenticeships enable you to earn while you learn, and they aren't just for 16-24 year olds as there is no age limit to studying an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships take between one and six years to complete and can be with small and local or large and international organisations. To summarise it's ✔ a real job ✔ a very real salary ✔ a chance to train while you work ✔ opportunity to gain qualifications. For more information, see below...

Degree Apprenticeships (Sponsored Degree Programmes)

Degree apprenticeships enable students to achieve a full bachelor's or master's degree while being contractually employed as an apprentice. They take between three and six years to complete, can be for mature students too and are offered by all sorts of organisations. That's money, experience and a degree all rolled into one, seems like the ultimate life hack if you ask us! For more information, see below...


Find out what you need to know about being a mature student, what you would be doing and how to apply below! You can study full time, part time or at even at home through the Open University. Don't know how to pick a course? Check out our University Advice page too!

Financial support for Adult Apprenticeships and Mature Student degrees

Got the base level skills you need to enter the job market? Head straight to the Job Posting Page, pick your profession and with some time and effort you can work your way up. For more information, see below...