Enhance your knowledge of well-known professions

If you have ever found yourself asking: "What exactly does an engineer/policeman/doctor actually do?" Then these episodes are for you. We aim to enhance your knowledge by speaking to ordinary people in well-known professions, asking them about a typical day, their career path in order to get there and any advice they would give to someone starting out or transitioning from a different career.  

"They work with the biggest names globally"


Discover lesser-known professions

Ever wondered what a paleontologist/meteorologist/ecologist does? Or think there is no career out there that is suited to you? If yes, then these episodes are for you! We aim to help you discover new professions by speaking to ordinary people in lesser known professions to find out what exactly they do day to day, and what they did in order to get there.


"You'll be able to say: 'I was part of the team that built that infrastructure that is important for society.'"


Coming soon!

 Avatar photos credit freepik - link here

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