School Leavers Advice

There is no one path to a successful career. No matter your background, it is worth exploring the university option as well as all the financial support available to you. However, if you're sure that it is not the path for you, take a look below to learn about all the other exciting options!


Government traineeships (totally different to graduate traineeships) are aimed at those aged between 16 and 24 who don’t yet have the necessary skills or experience that they need to secure an apprenticeship or employment. A traineeship will include i) a work experience placement ii) work preparation training, and iii) English and maths support if required. This is where to start if you want to get work-ready! For more information, see below...


Apprenticeships enable you to earn while you learn. They are commonly done by school leavers (age 16 and up), take between one and six years to complete, and can be with small and local or large and international organisations. To summaries it's ✔ a real job ✔ a very real salary ✔ a chance to train while you work ✔ opportunity to gain qualifications. For more information, see below...

Degree Apprenticeships (Sponsored Degree Programmes)

Degree apprenticeships enable students to achieve a full bachelor's or master's degree while being contractually employed as an apprentice. They take between three and six years to complete, are typically targeted at 18-19 year old school leavers and are offered by all sorts of organisations. Oh and how could we forget, NO STUDENT FEES. Yes you heard us! That's money, experience and a degree all rolled into one, seems like the ultimate life hack if you ask us! For more information, see below...

Job Market

Got the base level skills you need to enter the job market? Head straight to the Job Posting Page, pick your profession and with some time and effort you can work your way from entry level up.