Will - The Cryptocurrency Entreprenerur

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"What I love about the job is how international it is"
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"My advice to young people always is to take your time"
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"Communication, that's the strongest most desirable and beneficial trait to have"
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"My job is about finding solutions"
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"Everyone's different"

William Wright is a young entrepreneur who co-founded Mining Store - Australia’s largest cryptocurrency mining rig supplier. Today William runs multiple businesses including Mining Store, Forex Kings and Betting Kings. Williams background was in Forex trading, however, when the cryptocurrency scene was taking off in 2017, he found himself in a unique position which he took advantage off.

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"Believe in your vision and keep those positive affirmations and mindset"

Q -  What unique skill helped you along your journey?


A: Definitely people skills. I mean, I'm never gonna describe myself as the sharpest tool in the shed. I was good at school, I think only because I was persistent or had good discipline and things like that. But I was never the brightest kid or amazing in math or anything like that. So people skills is definitely my strength. And yeah, I think I understand people quite well.

Q - So what do you actually do on a day to day basis like so when you say you're up late or you're creating content? You're thinking of ideas? What are you actually doing as a cryptocurrency entrepreneur?

A - A lot of what I do is talk with clients and understand what they want from us and how they're enjoying our service. Outside of that I'm researching the next best coins. I'm doing my own trading, I actively invest in what we provide as investment. So I've got my own mining farm main cow have, you know, around 130 or so miners that are hosted? So we had kind of doing the same thing our clients are doing and looking at what's the best time to sell the coins that we're mining and formulating these strategies.

Q - You need to be a tech whiz in order to use cryptocurrencies - myth or fact.

A: Definitely not. You don't need to be a tech wizard like honestly, from a user perspective, it's not really any different than using your traditional banking system. Yeah, don't need to be a tech whiz
at all. It's actually really simple. There's a lot of benefits once you do start getting involved with cryptocurrency. I can give an example when our business started taking off, like a bit more and we
were doing larger volumes spending 100 or $200,000 on stock and sending it overseas to China. It was really difficult to do that with the current traditional system going to the bank and trying to
explain to them I need to send $200,000 to exchange it into Chinese yuan and pay off. It's quite a roadblock and we started actually paying our supplier in Bitcoin so we would simply just buy bitcoin
and send it to them. It didn't matter whether it was one o'clock in the morning, public holiday. Bitcoin is 24 seven, it doesn't stop. Its not like banking where your your bank closes on the weekend so you can transfer whenever and it's actually really really efficient.