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"Any company that is selling their products to another company would need an account manager"
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"What I love about the job is how international it is"
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"My advice to young people always is to take your time"
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"Communication, that's the strongest most desirable and beneficial trait to have..."
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"My job is about finding solutions"





"If you like solving problems, this is the kind of job for you"

Craig is a Senior Data Analyst at an European IT & Business consultancy firm. He has just over 4 years of experience within the Financial Services industry. His key responsibilities include designing processes to streamline customer/bank processes, analysing data to inform strategic and business decisions and building models to drive efficiencies in work intensive areas. As part of a consultancy he is also responsible for developing propositions and increasing business for the company.

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"All kinds of organisations hire data analysts"

Target Jobs - "Data analysts collect, organise and interpret statistical information to make it useful for a range of businesses and organisations. A data analyst is someone who scrutinises information using data analysis tools. The meaningful results they pull from the raw data help their employers or clients make important decisions by identifying various facts and trends.


Typical duties include:

  • using advanced computerised models to extract the data needed

  • removing corrupted data

  • performing initial analysis to assess the quality of the data

  • performing further analysis to determine the meaning of the data

  • performing final analysis to provide additional data screening

  • preparing reports based on analysis and presenting to management"

Discover the difference between data analysis, data science and data engineering by listening the podcast episode #2 ↧ 


"All you need to do is prove you can solve a problem"

Q – What do you wish you had known when you first started your job

A – That I didn’t have to have a particular type of degree to do a particular type of job, or that you didn’t even need a degree at all!


Q – Did you know what you wanted to be when you were older back when you were at school?

A – Absolutely not, I didn’t even know that I wanted to be when I was six weeks into my job. I am not saying that I fell into it, it just played to my strengths. I think from the ages of 12-15 I wanted to be doctors, then I wanted to do something to do with biology but then I was put off because it turns out people are gross. Then I realised I was good at maths and started doing maths based things. One of the things that I think I consider myself good at is problem solving so when I started looking into what an analyst does I realised that it might suit me quite well


Q – Data analysis is boring, myth or fact?

A – I think it depends on the mind-set so I would say it is a myth. If you like solving problems, it doesn’t even need to be math problems, then this is the kind of job where you can do great.

Q – What kind of work experience should our listeners try to get before entering the industry?

A – Look at what the trends are, see what kind of platforms people are using and find out what are people talking about. There are so many free and cheap resources. If you want to learn SQL for example, there is SQL Zoo which is a free website that takes you from the very start of SQL to the most advanced stuff you can think of; there are also Python courses online. Also, look at problems that people have online via platforms like Quora and see if you can figure out answer, see if you would even want to.


The other thing is that people love interns, if you want to do it as an initial step, just calls companies up. Use your initiative.