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“If you like solving problems, this is a job for you.”
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"Any company that is selling their products to another company would need an account manager."
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"What I love about the job is how international it is"
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"My advice to young people always is to take your time"
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"Communication, that's the strongest most desirable and beneficial trait to have..."
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"My job is about finding solutions"
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"They work with the biggest names globally"

Shann is an Associate Director at a big four accountancy and consulting firm. He has over 10 years of experience within the professional services industry.


His key responsibility includes managing and leading a team of 11-15 Managers through complex advisory client issues with, Tax Technology roadmap and operating model. He is also responsible for delivering multi-million pound projects in relation to Compliance & Technology.

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"If you get on a graduate scheme they will usually pay for you to study for the professional qualifications"

Prospects - "Tax advisers use their knowledge of tax legislation to provide advisory and consultancy services to clients, ensuring that they pay their taxes in the most efficient way and benefit from any tax advantages and exemptions.


They need to keep up to date with changing tax laws and explain complicated legislation and its implications to their clients in simple terms.

There are two main types of tax advice:

  • corporate - working for business clients to make sure they aren't paying any more tax than is necessary

  • personal - providing advice to individual clients, some of whom are private clients with large assets.


The work is detailed and complex, and tax advisers quickly develop expert knowledge in areas such as:

  • corporate tax

  • international and inheritance tax

  • National Insurance

  • personal tax

  • trusts and estates

  • VAT.


Clients can include large and small companies, partnerships, trusts and individuals."


"If you get on a graduate scheme they will usually pay for you to study for the professional qualifications"

Q – Is it necessary to go to university to become a tax advisor?

A – "You can enroll yourself in any of these organisations as an apprentice so you do not have to go to university. You can finish your A-levels, apply straight for those jobs and they will support you to get the relevant professional qualifications which are almost like graduate level degrees."

Q – What types of organisations hire tax advisers?

A – "Tax advisors won’t just be hired by the big 4 or big 6 companies so you definitely can work in any industry, any company and any advisory firm. Tax advisors will always be required."


Q – Did you know what you wanted to be when you were older back when you were at school?

A – "When I was in school I wanted to be a pilot which is obviously not what I am today. It's interesting, people think that tax advisory is a boring old world but it’s not. It is something that enables you to really get under the skin of a business. You really understand how the economy works, you really understand how people operate, and you really get to know that technologies are making differences today."